Chef Mezze

Mezze is a never ending story for us

Leader of modern tavern concept in Turkey, straight from Gazi & Bilal Ateş’s kitchen: Chef Mezze

Good music, good food, good view. What’s important to us is the combination of three to create wonderful memories.

Why Chef Mezze?

Combining traditional tastes and recipes all around the world gathered by Gazi & Bilal Ateş brothers, Chef Mezze offers you the unparalelled gastronomical taste experience with greatest views from İstanbul and Mersin.


Find Us!

Opening: 16:00
CHEF MEZZE GÜMÜŞSUYU: Address: Gümüşsuyu Mahallesi, İnönü Cd. No:26, 34427 Beyoğlu/İstanbul
Telephone: 0530 067 50 40
CHEF MEZZE MERSİN: Address: Mersin Marina, 33160 Yenişehir/Mersin
Telephone: 0324 330 00 60


Closing: 02:00


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