Chef Mezze on Press

“When you go to Chef Mezze at first a 13 meter buffet will draw your attention. There are appetizers and desserts in this 13-meter buffet. You can choose your appetizer or dessert by looking or tasting thats why the buffet for. And also for the message of “You’ll have a wonderful evening at here”. Although we did not go in the night time as, we got that feeling so think about it.”

“Gazi and Bilal Ateş brothers are in love with kitchen, dreamer and also have tons of energy. They’re always full of surprises and also made us spoiled by with their tasty food. It’s almost impossible of being from Istanbul and not eating their food. And now they are creating their own style with their new brand “Chef”.”

Merve ArkunlarTime Out

“"Thanks to the good food and copious, flowing raki, there’s a reason Chef Mezze requires larger parties to book well ahead, especially on the weekends."”

The Guide Istanbul

“Chef Mezze is a business founded on the terrace of Gümüşsuyu Opera Hotel with a magnificent view of the Bosphorus, by Bilal and Gazi Ateş brothers. We already know them from the appetizer restaurant that they opened in Sortie. Maybe they are the first ones who brought this concept to the food and beverage community of istanbul but this is not the issue here,the issue is the delicious meals they offered us and the pleasant services.”

Murat Beşeoğ

“When you get off the elevator, you will see colorful fruits and vegetables on the left side, and appetizers on the right side. Beyond is a surprise. After you pass this part of restaurant there it is one of the best views of Istanbul. Please sit as you please.”

Cem Karakuş

Press Releases

“Chef Mezze that established in Istanbul by Gazi&Bilal Ateş was opened in Mersin Marina with the same taste and consept of quality.
Chef Mezze which has a concept of a modern Turkish Tavern that established by Gazi & Ateş brothers who is one of the most famous chefs in Turkey has opened a new branch at Mersin after the great success of the branch in Istanbul Gümüşsuyu. Chef Mezze, who is a pioneer in his field and who has been innovating, is ready to welcome his guests in Mersin with the same quality and consept of service.
You may get a chance to eat Girit’s Cuisine and beside that there is Lebanese appetizers and seafood from all around worlds cuisine. The wide menu of ChefMezze has appetizers that interpreted by Gazi / Bilal Ateş brothers and also there is starters suitable for every taste, fishes, meat and the varieties of pasta that is waiting for you.
In Chef Mezze there is a peaceful view of Mersin Marina, design of that made by best interiors, most suitable music for the ambience of Chef Mezze that selected by DJs and gourmet menu is waiting for you.

Chef Mezze Mersin has opened